5 benefits of using the Skylux System in your project

Iluminação Natural

Invest in natural lighting through System Skylux Makes it possible for your project to achieve sustainability and cost-effectiveness, but that’s not all. Produced with high quality polycarbonate,Its prismatic plates have on one side thousands of micro-prisms, That allow the diffusion of natural light within the environments.

This diffusionGenerates a “scattering” behavior of light In places where they are installed, eliminating effects like: glare, concentration of rays of light in a single point (hot spots) as well as the trace of light according to the variation of the position of the Sun.

You want to know how many Benefits What else does your company have when using the Skylux System in the projects? Let’s separate some more points that you might like.

System Benefits Skylux

1 – Made of self-extinguishing material

Prismatic polycarbonate sheets are self-extinguishing materials. This means that in cases of fire, it does not spread flames that can increase combustion on site.

2 – It has high mechanical resistance.

Because it is an engineering plastic, the polycarbonate has a superior mechanical resistance to any other material that is intended for the same purpose, such as acrylics, glass fiber and so on. It is estimated to be 250 times more resistant than glass and 30 to 40 times more resistant than acrylic.

3 – Filters the rays UV

The UV rays represent 5% of the terrestrial sunlight and give shape to much of the life we ​​find here. But while being so essential, it brings harmful effects to humans such as burns, cancer, aging and wrinkles. When your employees get in direct contact with UV rays, they are likely to have this type of problem in the long run. With the Skylux System, it is possible to filter up to 98% of the UV rays in your company.

4 – Excellent durability

No spend today to see your aging system over time. Unlike other materials, the industrial polycarbonate used has excellent durability and resistance to sun exposure because it contains coating anti UV, Which prevents the early yellowing of the parts.

5 – Can be applied to any type of tile

Projects that use this material often need useful percentages of usage, ranging from 2% to 3.5% of the total coverage area. However no matter what the size of the slit is available, the Skylux System can be applied to any type of tile.

With so many benefits, using natural light in your projects is very advantageous! Want to know more about Engepoli and the System Skylux? Like our fanpage And accompany our daily content.