Benefits of Daylight

But why enjoy the natural light?

The visual and biological effects that natural light provides positively to human beings are diverse (emotional, motivational, humor), and among them we can cite the increase in overall productivity (8% from 300 lux to 500lux, in an industrial environment, according to the article “Lighting for work” – Van Bommel, – Philips, 2004) and decrease in errors.

Also, it allows the turning off of lamps and reactors during the hours in which we have natural light available, generating: lower consumption of electricity; extending the useful life of these components; and decreasing the irradiation of heat from the heating of this system (artificial).

In short, the use of natural light in professional environments allows the return on investment in a few months, obtained with the savings generated by reducing the consumption of electricity and maintenance of this system (artificial).

Natural lighting is a renewable, free and sustainable resource. Essential for life on the planet as we know it, lighting from the sun is still poorly exploited in the infrastructure industry, with a number of consequences that could be avoided with solutions such as Engepoli.

The ultimate solution in zenith lighting

The Skylux System was developed to solve the main problems that traditional domus systems have: constant appearance of leaks and infiltrations, breaks, cracks, premature yellowing of the translucent material and light yield below expectations.

Structured entirely with aluminum profiles, which provide greater durability to the system, and translucent sheets of good origin, the system was developed to cover multiple spans of the tile, regardless of model or size. Instead of cutting the roof at several points, applying roof curbs, the Skylux system is applied directly on the tiles adjacent to the span, in a very simple, efficient and safe way.

In addition to these characteristics, the Skylux system is sized according to the luminous need informed by the client or required by the activity performed in the environment. In this case, we use NBR-5413 (standard that governs the interior lighting for artificial lighting) as a balliser of the average lighting to be achieved by the Skylux system. Finally, we have special software that generates the luminous behavior of the system for all scenarios of the year: solstices and equinoxes, regardless of the type of sky, latitude or longitude.

The benefits of prismatic natural lighting are diverse, but the main one is the spread of natural light much more efficiently than traditional systems.

What type of tile can the SKYLUX system be applied

It does not depend on the tile model, as the domus arc is manufactured according to the tile size, so we do not work with pre-defined dimensions. The biggest advantage of this is that we do not make adaptations, to match our system to the tile profile, that is, the risk of leaks and infiltrations becomes practically null.

The Skylux System is universal and can be applied on any type of tile, metallic, waved, zipped or concrete. The biggest advantage is that we make adaptations to fit the system in the tile profile, this means, the risk of infiltrations is practically zero.


Turn off the lamps at least 8 hours a day


Efficient on sunny and cloudy days


Less thermal transmission than other materials


It does not obscure, for the light is diffused


Get a return on investment in up to two years

Hot Spots

Does not concentrate lightning at a single point


Increase employee productivity with natural light


Filters 98% of UV rays

Get to know our product lines that can provide you with all these benefits and transform the way you experience what natural light has to offer.

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