Engepoli and Coca-Cola developed one of the world's most energy-saving buildings

To be efficient and responsible with the environment is the desire of every company in the market. But this is not something that should be thought of only when the company is stabilized, you can seek excellence since your base.

It was with this in mind that Coca-Cola called on Engepoli to supply its products for the construction of the new Caju Distribution Center in Rio de Janeiro. This project received the LEED Platinum certification, the maximum a company can be certified for sustainability. This placed the building among the 6% best environmental performance buildings in the world and the first of the beverage company.

Engepoli and Coca-Cola: first world energy efficiency

Known for the very high technological quality of its materials, Engepoli was chosen to work in partnership with one of the largest companies in the world, based on the quality of service and the long guarantee offered to customers.

To make LEED Platinum certification possible, Engepoli’s main products were used so that your company would actually have an efficient system in essential factors such as natural lighting and ventilation.

The reform of the Caju CD

In a city as hot as Rio de Janeiro, especially in the summer, it is important that the ventilation of the environment is done in the best possible way, ensuring a pleasant workplace and offering good conditions to employees.

But when we talk about traditional systems, it comes at an extremely high cost. The solution found for the Coca-Cola case was to use the Exhaust ventilation system.

Besides being super economical, because it has no maintenance cost, it provides ventilation 24 hours a day. This ensures that this system, totally silent, works alone and without having to be monitored.

Bringing the light

Besides ventilation, a highlight in this building, which is also the perfect solution for your company, is Engepoli’s complete and efficient Skylux lighting system.

Some solutions applied in this project, and that can also bring more energy efficiency to your company, unite a better capacity of use of the natural resources of ventilation and lighting. This is the case of Luxvent shutters.

As in the Cashew Distribution Centre, many companies need windows to ensure a protected, illuminated and at the same time airy environment. Sounds like quite a challenge, doesn’t it? But with Luxvent you can have it all in just one product. The main features that make it special are the versatility to fit in any environment and the guarantee against yellowing or dryness.

Applies to everyone

One of the most interesting features of this project is how the products used are versatile and fit the most diverse needs. Compared to other standard distribution centers, the savings generated are 54% with the solutions applied by Engepoli.

The difference in investment for this type of work is low, but the return obtained with the savings provided is so high that it is impossible to calculate a better cost-benefit. Even more so when it comes to corporate works, which require planning and the lowest operating cost.

This was a very special project and serves as an example for all companies wishing to save and still have an energy efficient space and offer the best working conditions for employees.

Indústria, inovação e infraestrutura - coca-cola

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