Retrofit is nothing more than a term used in engineering to designate the modernization of existing buildings, built many years ago. Engepoli operates in the roof Retrofit, transforming an old-fashioned construction into a sustainable construction, making this construction liable to even be LEED certified. Retrofit consists of the readjustment of a cover, covering from the […]


The SMARTROOF System, an exclusive feature of Engepoli, is a liquid coating membrane system for application on aluminum, galvanized, galvalume, concrete, etc. roofs, which can be zipped (SSR), trapezoidal, W, and other types. With the application of this system, it is possible to recover any type of coverage, saving time and money (since there is […]


Engepoli’s Airglide ventilation system is intended for the entry and improvement of air within industrial and commercial environments through the roof. Installation indicated for non-ventilated places and without external air intake. BENEFITS The Airglide insufflator has as differentials: Provides thermal comfort through sensitive ventilation (fresh, clean and renewed air); Provides the renewal of hot and […]


ROOFGUARD technical lifelines are a permanent fall protection system for people moving on medium and large roofs. Users, equipped with their PPE and accessories, move with complete safety and ease along a steel cable, of unlimited length. It is fully in compliance with the ABNT NBR 16325-2 standard, according to the requirements of Annex II […]


The equalization of internal and external temperatures, with the effective and permanent exhaustion of gases and dust suspended in the factory environment, makes the EXHAUST COMPACT 555 fan / extractor, as the ideal and most cost-effective system for companies. The advantages are diverse, the anti-noise system, the low structural weight and options such as, anti-insect […]


sistema exhaust de ventilação natural

Exhaust® ventilation system Exhaust natural ventilation system can be dimensioned and used both for medium and large roofs, as well as for production areas, such as large stores and supermarkets. It is designed to improve indoor air quality, removing hot air, harmful air and pollutants that can cause thermal discomfort, irritation and illness to the […]


sistema skyactive de iluminação natural

SKYLUX integrated system + DIMERIZED LED Hybrid lighting has a very simple proposal: use prismatic lighting that works in conjunction with the dimmable LED luminaire system. In this system, the LED luminaires have sensors in the same equipment that measure the amount of LUX and calculate the real incidence of light in a given environment. […]


Industrial shutters Metal frames with steel or aluminum profiles, with fixed or movable fins, which allow natural ventilation of the environment through air exchange. The fins are produced in polycarbonate, steel or aluminum and allow filtering 99% of UV rays, protecting the internal environment against harmful sun rays. The advantage of the LUXVENT system is […]


This system was developed and patented by Engepoli to accommodate spans up to 2200 mm wide. Composed of embedded polycarbonate sheets, with extruded aluminum profiles, its resistance is so great that it can receive loads of up to 257 kg, without deformation, according to TECPAR’s analysis report. This system can also be ventilated. BENEFITS The […]


It promotes the conduction of sunlight through a highly reflective duct, recommended for industries, supermarket stores, shops, dealerships, offices and meeting rooms that contain ceilings, with a distance of up to 5m from the roof. This system saves electricity and reduces the heat generated by lamps.